The weeds grow in the garden and make hell in the garden but nutgrass is the most stubborn weed that grows in the lawn. It looks like grass and grows very rapidly. It has very strong roots that are often known as nuts. They are very difficult to remove from the soil.

There are many ways to remove the nutgrass from the ground you can remove it through your hand or by using herbicides. The best way to identify nutgrass is that it grows taller and lighter in color than the rest of the grass. Nutgrass has thick, stiff blades like leaves.

Most of the grass has rounded stem but nutgrass has a triangular stem with the solid center so these characteristics can help you identify nutgrass. As there are many herbicides for killing the weeds but none of them works for nutgrass.

How to kill Nutgrass

Before killing the nutgrass you have to take many precautionary measures. If you are digging through your hand your hand and nails may catch dust so. First, wear the gloves in your hands so you don’t get dirt on your hands. Nutgrass roots can be deeps maybe 12 to 18 inches down the soil so dig the soil as far as you can.

You have to do this process gently so the roots do not break down otherwise they will grow again. You can even pour the sugar in your garden to stop nutgrass growing. Spray the grass for every other week to keep your garden safe from the harm. Use the herbicide that contains halosulfuron or sulfentrazone. This herbicide will help you to kill the tough nutgrass.

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