Nikon has continued the trend of introducing affordable yet powerful cameras for its users. In this regard Nikon D7500 continues Nikos legacy for powerful optics. The camera comes with a powerful 20MP APS-C DSLR camera for powerful results as a non – professional DSLR camera.

The camera can be described as top-rated entry mode DSLR camera which offers exceptional image quality even at low light performances. The camera actually leads Nikon production range for DX (APS-C format) digital SLR range, and offers a perfect balance and combination for high-end photographical experience along with, flexibility in operation and reasonable price.

The camera is unique in the feature that it offers 4K UHD capture, which was introduced for the first time for low end cameras, which is very inspiring. Another plus point of the camera includes an enhanced buffer capacity of 50 exceptional (NEF) files, until than this feature was commonly available only in mirrorless market.

Another plus point of the camera includes, raw burst shooting, even in continuous mode, that beats the competitive rivals of non – professional DSLR cameras.

To add more the camera includes Nikon’s land mark multi-com 3500 II autofocus sensor with 51-AF points. The camera houses Group Area AF mode that was presently only found in professional models, along with the next generation Auto AF Fine Tune feature.

However, the camera is not the cheapest DSLR, as it includes pro grade camera features that add more flavor to the camera. The camera provides 8fps continuous shooting speed, a little less than 10fps and is ideally suited for high-speed action photography.

The main drawbacks of the camera include the absence of battery grip, and a powerful 922K dot resolution screen which is slightly lower than its current rivals.

The camera has been manufactured from a carbon-fiber body instead of a metal alloy body, providing it a powerful and sturdy look along with weatherproof design. It has a retouching touchscreen display on the back and is Nikon’s first Nikon DSLR with built-in support for Nikon’s new radio-controlled advanced creative lighting system.

The weight of the camera system is a welcome change after for DSLR cameras that has been designed on the basis of mirrorless system. The camera is not as bulky as Pro DSLR, but offers a great leap from entry level DSLR cameras. On the backside, the large screen, curved display and ‘enthusiastic’ and easily interfaceable control provides easy selection options.

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