There are millions and millions of people that are playing cyberpunk 2077 the stats came out and there were at least eight million pre-orders out there so there’s definitely a lot of you that have your hands on the game and I’ve put about 60 to 70 hours into the game so far so we figured Cyberpunk 2077 tips and tricks Native Gamer to sort of going over a lot of the things that the game just straight up doesn’t tell you and these are a lot of things that we wish that we knew when we started playing the game early.


You are probably going to be picking up a lot of junk there is a lot of things that you can pick up in this game and a lot of it is kind of useless so one of the things that we can recommend there are two different ways you can go about this if you want to go with the money route we recommend you just pick up everything under the sun and then when you get close to being full-on inventory you just go and sell all of your junk.

Scrapper Perk

You don’t want to deal with junk we recommend that you go ahead and get the scrapper perk as early as possible now if you have this scrapper perk it will go ahead and break down any junk that you pick up that way you don’t have to worry about carrying it in your inventory this has been really handy for me we just go around picking up everything that we can find and then it just automatically converts it into resources now this is a bit of a double-edged sword though because once you have this perk you can’t turn it off unless you go to a ripper doctor and spend a lot of money to get all your perks reset because later in the game where we want to make some big purchases like different vehicles and stuff we kind of wish that we could just collect all the junk and sell it so it is definitely something to think about we personally got this perk within the first like eight or so hours of gameplay and it really helped me out a ton it really helped with my inventory management and it really kept my weight down and then the.

Find Little Terminals

that we have for you actually has to do with the hacking mine game now you are going to find these little terminals all over the place where you can jack in and you can hack and you can get different resources and you can get different money this is a really great way to farm both of those things we recommend that anytime you find a port that you can jack into we recommend that you do it because you will make a crap ton of money this way but one of the things that the game just doesn’t straight up tell you is that while you’re playing the mining game.

Reward Level

If you can see that you’re not going to get the reward level that you want like tier 3 tier 2 or if you just completely mess it up you can actually back out of the hacking menu and then jack yourself back into it and then you get a fresh start now this mining game does get a bit repetitive especially if you’ve done it like a hundred plus times like we have we kind of wish that they would switch it up and add different hacking mine games because this one gets kind of old but it does get a lot easier as you do it over and over and over so the more that you farm this little mine game the easier it will get to the point where we get like six or seven extra tries now because I’ve done this many games so often that we pretty much get all three tiers of rewards now just because I’ve done it so much so this is a really really great way to make a lot of money.

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