iPhone is the most recognized and wanted smartphone in the world. It seems that everyone wants but unfortunately they are not cheap. Therefore, many people go for the used ones instead of buying a new one. However, certain things must be investigated before buying a used iPhone and getting screwed.

Buy it from a reputable store

It is important to buy a used iPhone from a certified and reputable store.

Apple is a known store that also sells its phones through a website. It also sells used phones and is repaired by experts. They also give a year warranty or so many phone companies also sell used iPhones of good quality and with no serious damage.

Thirdly, many people also go for companies like Next worth and Gazelle which is known for buying and selling used iPhones. Their prices are quite charming and offer a guarantee as well. Fourthly, you can also check out eBay and Craigslist. They also sell out used iPhones but it is important to check whether the buyer is authentic or not. Therefore, it is important to do proper research before purchasing a used iPhone.

Check the blacklist option

Apple prevents the stolen iPhones from being activated through the activation lock. However, it’s better to check the phone before. Another method to find out if the phone is stolen is through the phone’s IMEI’s number. You can check by following the given instructions;

– go to settings

⁃ tap general

⁃ Tap about

⁃ Check IMEI’s number (it is a 15 digit number).

⁃ Then go to Ctia stolen phone checker website and enter the number in that field.

⁃ And submit.

⁃ You will then get to know whether the IMEI’s number is blacklisted or not.

Check if the carrier is locked

It’s the same as IMEI’s number. You have to check if the carrier of the phone has locked it or not. After knowing the phone’s IMEI’s number then call your carrier. You can then explain the situation and they will let you know whether the phone is compatible or not.

The phone’s battery is the most important part of the phone. It’s essential to check battery power before checking it. Since iPhone’s battery cannot be changed therefore battery plays a vital role. A battery of a clean used iPhone and good quality would be good but if it’s an old iPhone then this could be a problem. You can check the health of the battery by using the battery health feature. Follow the given instructions.

⁃ go to settings

⁃ Tap battery

⁃ And check the battery health

The percentage of the battery tells us that how good the battery life is. A brand new iPhone battery life would be 100% and the closer to it the better it is. However, if you are looking for replacing the battery then you get it replaced through apple’s website.

Check hardware status

Before you buy a used iPhone. Do check its condition properly before buying it. Do look out for major scratches, problems with touch ID, 3D touch sensor, scratches on the camera or any hardware problems. You can also use a water damage sensor to check whether your iPhone has ever gotten wet or not. Further, you can also check the camera, hardware or camera. Another option is to get your phone checked through a reputable seller.

Check storage

Many people go for the storage option before buying another phone. It’s better to check the storage of the phone along with other factors before making a final decision. The highest space of the iPhone is 512 GB, in which you can store music, photos, files, data and many applications. And some of the models have space as low as 16 GB. In this storage, it gets difficult to have a good storage system. Therefore, it is better to get at least a 64 GB phone to have moderate storage for a long period.

Check features and price

Features and price of the phone matter the most. If you are buying a used iPhone, then make sure that it’s worth it. If the used iPhone has all the features and it can cost $100 cheap then it’s the most desirable decision. Therefore, you must check all the features of the model before buying it.


You can buy the used iPhone but do check out the warranty of the phone. All of the reputable sellers give at least a year warranty to the buyer. If an iPhone has a good past, then a seller will offer a decent warranty.

Above, all the factors are mentioned are essential to consider before buying a used iPhone. iPhone is a reputable phone and if you can get it at a fair price along with other factors then kindly go for it.

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