40000 XP in Fortnite for only dancing around seems a bit too good to be true, right? Well, this is a relatively more straightforward challenge that requires you to track down Camp Cod, Lake Canoe, and Rainbow Rentals.

Once that’s over, you’ll only have to dance around these locations to settle down this challenge. This process seems pretty straightforward. First and foremost, it’s appropriate to trace down Camp Cod’s location so you can begin. Here’s a simple guide on where you can find Camp Cod in Fortnite. Best of luck!

Camp Cod in Fortnite

Camp Cod is one of the most remote locations in Fortnite. Players rarely find themselves near Camp Cod’s circle, and it’s way past the mountain range.

As the name indicates, it’s a reasonably small landmark located on a comparatively large island. To end this challenge, you’d have to dance around all three locations one after another. Lastly, make sure that you’re dancing within the camp complex.

Camp Cod’s Location

Divert your attention towards the G8 section of your map if you’re searching for Camp Cod. Camp Cod is on the southeastern side of Misty Meadows. Misty Meadows is a landmark that players must’ve come across already during previous challenges.

Hence, locating Camp Cod would be much easier if you’ve already tracked down Misty Meadows beforehand. If you’re familiar with the areas around central Fortnite Island, this will be even easier for you. That’s because this island is close to the main Fortnite island, and they’re connected.


Where is Camp Cod on the map in Fortnite?

You can find Camp Cod Camp on the southern part of the map in Fortnite.

How many Gnomes are there in Camp Cod?

There are around eight Gnomes in Camp Cod. Also, these Gnomes require destruction according to the game plan.

How are the Gnomes destroyed in Camp Cod?

Gnomes in Camp Cod need to be destroyed by the aid of an ax or another weapon. Furthermore, these Gnomes are to be getting destroyed according to a proper pattern; destroy three Gnomes first, then seven, and then fifteen.


Compared to other locations, Camp Cod is on a pretty huge island. For more guides visit fortskins.org. Hence, it’d be hard for Fortnite players to miss this landmark after getting all the clues we’ve given.  We hope that this article helped you find out Camp Cod’s location. Just follow our coordinates to get done with this section of Season 2’s challenges before any of your peers!

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